You may not have the $ 1,000 monthly passive income?

We promise you that when all of our instructions, you go through the 18 months revenue of more than $ 1000 per month. And this is only the beginning of your successful business!


  • A simple system of sequential steps to create a business NSP.
  • Easy dublitcated system to find partners from the target audience.
  • Constantly updated library for EC.
  • Convenient system for communication with your partners.
  • Video Presentation, which helps to recruit new partners. Download to the gadgets.
  • A team of professionals, each of whom has experience in the business from 10 to 20 years.

Our advantages

  • Easy-to-learn system. Does not require knowledge of programming.
  • Step by step guide from professionals. From the simple to the more complex.
  • Making only those actions that produce results.
  • Anyone can become successful by following our system.
  • You can create your own business, working in parallel on the basic work.
  • No prerequisites to sell. It is necessary to understand the system and simply hold meetings with the candidates.

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Оксана Петровская

Amid the famous politicians, wealthy donors and top Democratic Party officials invited to New York last month to watch Hillary Rodham Clinton announce her candidacy for president sat another VIP guest — a newcomer to politics, but a man whose presence at the event was sought after by Clinton aides.

DeRay Mckesson, 30, one of the most visible organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement that has sprung up in the wake of the Ferguson, Mo., protests, had received a personal invitation to attend, and the campaign encouraged him to tweet his observations to his 178,000 followers.

He wasn’t impressed.

“I heard a lot of things. And nothing directly about black folk,” Mckesson wrote moments after the speech. “Coded language won’t cut it.”

Then this week, Clinton rivals Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley each began a frenetic push to appease Black Lives Matter activists angry at the way the two men handled a demonstration by the group at a liberal conference last weekend. O’Malley appeared on a black-oriented talk show to say he made a mistake, while Sanders called activists to request meetings.


You'll get

  • Easy-to-learn system for creating personalized your business.
  • Step by step lessons from professionals. All lessons are drawn according to the principle of simple to complex. You do not need to have special knowledge to start a business.
  • The Library for the products and business. The library is constantly updated with new material. All the books have an active link to
    your Landing.
  • Admission free to the remote training (webinars). Webinars are constant.
  • Admission to the indoor videographic materials for production and business. Content is constantly
    updated with new.
  • Personal consultant who will help you on the way to your success. It is financially interested in your success.
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NBT suit

  • If you do not like your job and you want to try yourself in the
    business without
    financial risk.
  • If you are looking for extra income in their spare time. If you have 1-2 hours
    free time - this is enough
    to start a business
  • If you want to
    on the work with a free schedule and freedom of action, the cooperation with us
    realizes your dream.
  • If you do not know how and do not like to sell, but you like to learn. Then you come to our business.
  • If you dream of creating your business, but it is not confident in their abilities.
    You risk nothing.
    There are trial version.
  • If you do not like your current job and you want to try yourself in the business without financial risk
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  • You leave the application, and you associated your personal consultant who will answer questions.
  • Are you familiar with the capabilities and conditions of cooperation. If you fit our conditions, and we will approach you, it signed a cooperation agreement.
  • You attend classes in their village in the organization of the information Mentor (if your city is our organization).
  • If the organization does not, your personal consultant will help you to create an organization.
  • You get the right to participate in free webinars on the products and businesses, which are
    according to the schedule.
  • You get the right to participate in a variety of gift shares of the Company and of its consultants (from product to personal vehicles).
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Why choose us?

TGA - Australia division of the Ministry of Health regularly checks the quality and purity of the product. TGA certificate shows full compliance regulations adopted for farm products. EEC trusts conclusions TGA.

TGA - Australia division of the Ministry of Health regularly checks the quality and purity of the product. TGA certificate shows full compliance regulations adopted for farm products. EEC trusts conclusions TGA.

All the products with which we work are certified in accordance with GMP standards.

NSF - NSF International Certification means that the Company's quality products NSP, the process of production and packaging, accounting and transport meet the stringent international requirements. Today, NSF - the only center on the safety of drinking water and food, which the World Health Organization is working.


Marek and Barbara Verbilovich

I am an entrepreneur with 11 - year experience. He owned his trading company in Poland. Arriving at the NSP business saw a great opportunity. And less than came on income exceeding 6800 euros per month for 2 years. The conditions created in the market of Central and Eastern Europe allows partners to earn tens of thousands of euros per month.

Eugene Zharnasiek

I live in a small town in Daugavpils. I decided to develop their business in NSP parallel with his work. Thanks to modern technology and opportunities NSP I was able to build your business in many cities and countries directly from your home. Now my additional income in the NSP is more than 1000 euros per month. I got a new car from the company. And regularly receive awards in the form of fully paid trips to various countries.


I came into the business as a student. And by the time of graduation from the University of my income exceeded $ 1,100 per month. Such a stable extra income allowed me to freely dispose of their own lives and to choose activities that are really like. Since then, my business has grown many times and expanded geographically.

You do not know where to start?

Possible difficulties

  • I have no experience in any kind of business or.
  • I did not sell and do not want to learn how to sell.
  • I'm afraid to invest in the business.
  • I'm not sure that
    I will.
  • I'm afraid that wasting time. What happens if I try, and then understand that it is not right for me?
  • Probably need a lot to learn, but I have little free time.
  • I'm not sure of the reliability of the company. A lot of companies have promised "golden mountains" and then just disappeared.
  • All the companies say that their products are the best and high quality. And usually it's only words, but facts do not. How well
    products that
    you offer?

Our solutions

  • You will have a personal consultant - Trainer.
  • Our business requires the ability to sell.
  • We do not need to invest money.
  • If you follow all the rules, you get.
  • Even if you decide to go out of business, you will new knowledge and skills that will help you in other cases.
  • In the first step you will need to devote a day from 1 to 2 hours to your new business.                 
  • The company has been operating for 44 years. You can look at the financial performance of the site NASDAQ Exchange (NATR).
  • We - the only company in the world, which, in addition to its own production, is also a research center with highly qualified specialists.

Start now!

How it works?

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Access to lessons
and knowledge base

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You are getting

The questions that we are frequently asked:

-How much money can I earn in network marketing?

Network marketing advantage that only you know the answer to this question. And it's not quibble. It's just the point. In contrast to many types of work, where someone else decides how much you earn - people in the SM make your own business. Only they themselves determine their earnings. You can earn a few tens of dollars. But if your goal - to have enough money to realize his dream - then you need to build your network marketing organization. To do this, you need to become a professional.

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-How much money do I need to organize your business network?

In our Company, signed an agreement through the Internet for free. But for the business you will need materials. Printed materials can be purchased in the service centers of the Company, or download free of charge from the Company's resources and training centers. If you want your business to quickly develop, for personal use you purchase the Company's products in any assortment. Some of the products that you buy in a typical network, you begin to acquire his company. Depending on the market (the country), the range of available product ranges from 20 to 600 products. In any case, when you purchase products, the amount in the tens or hundreds of times smaller than the one that you would need to start any other business.

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-Where should I start?

We must start with ourselves. From the place where you are today. If the position is poor, then you need to honestly admit to yourself that. This truth will help you in a new way to organize themselves on the road to success!
This requires a Target. We need a criterion by which to judge whether what you are doing is important. Set a specific goal: "What do I want to achieve when how much money How much time and energy to spend on it????" And this goal will be to you a clear route to the exciting journey to your dreams.

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-Is this business stable?

The history of the Company, which operates in the international market since 1972 in dozens of countries around the world, talking about the business stability. Many partners, who started a business in the 70's of last century, passed his business by inheritance to their children, and sometimes longer and grandchildren continue the work of his grandparents.

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-What do we have to do?

Firstly - tune that it is a serious business in which some people get a year to several million dollars, and many - a few tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Second - you need to be ready to learn, which is different from the one you received in school, university. Third - you need to be prepared for the fact that not everything will turn out right, but if you are really ready to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, will need to go through a certain number of failures.

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-What will help?

For you to attach a personal mentor who will support you and guide you to succeed. You receive training courses on and if you want - your online store. You get the opportunity to participate in the Company's incentive programs (gifts, international travel, automobiles).

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-How long does it take to get a decent income?

If we assume that a decent income of the average wage in your area, then on that income you can get out in 6-12 months, doing business for 2-4 hours every day. A 24-36 months, people who are serious about business, as a rule, are located on incomes that exceed average salaries in your area 5-10 times.

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-Is it necessary to engage in sales?

In our Company's marketing plan drawn up in such a way that the person is better not to engage in sales, if he intends to get a good income. All partners that receive large and very large rewards - they are not prepared for sale, and for the organizational activities. How it's done? This you will learn after signing the agreement and passing the starting 7 lessons.

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-Do I need to throw the old job to participate in the SM? 

NO. Even better, continue to work, at least temporarily. This is one of the greatest features of Network Marketing. In other words - it's a great opportunity to begin to realize his dream, not a "burning bridges", until you reach the well-being and stability. With the growth of your business will grow and your income, and you will always be able to determine when you can completely focus on your organization network. Professionally engaged in network marketing is not all that come into it.

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-Who can I trust in the Network Marketing? 

 It is important that you trust yourself. You do not have to persuade anyone to manipulate or beautiful words. Some people will want to use your products, others do not want to - but so what? Trusting yourself, you get the strength and unwavering faith. It is the strongest in achieving success. And willing to try your faith there is always abundant. The main thing - trust yourself.

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-How to choose a network company, product or service?

This choice is very easy to do.
   The person who you are interested in network business, has provided you with the product, and you give it a try. This product you like and will not be difficult for you to recommend it to the people ... Here is the answer: it is the same product and the very company you are looking for.
   The more you like the product, which you share with others, the better you talk to them about it. If you - a satisfied customer, your enthusiasm will be evident.

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Get in touch
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Manage system
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  • Easy-to-learn system
  • Walkthrough by professionals.
  • Making only those actions that produce results.
  • Anyone can become successful by following our system.
  • You can create your own business, working in parallel on the main operation.
  • There are no prerequisites to sell.

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